26 November 2019: Victory in Northern Territory and Crossbencher Ramps Up Pressure

Northern Territory Decriminalises Sex Work

Media announces a huge win in the Northern Territory as a bill to decriminalise sex work passes. The Northern Territory is now clearly years ahead of Victoria on sex work law reform. How will Daniel Andrews’ government down in Victoria respond?

Crossbencher Motion on Sex Work

Meanwhile in Victoria, with days until the Parliament closes down for Christmas, crossbencher David Limbrick decides to read in a motion calling on Labor to deliver on its platform to refer sex work the Victorian Law Reform Commission. A strong supporter of sex workers’ rights, this is not the first time Mr Limbrick has raised the issue of Labor and sex work within the parliament. This is significant, because each MP is only permitted two Motions per year, and as such, they usually reserve a Motion for a topic of personal significance. 

Mr Limbrick’s Motion represents another layer of pressure on Labor to act.