Are Incalls Legal Now?

In almost all cases, incalls remain illegal in Victoria. This is because criminal and council laws affecting incall bookings won’t change until 1 December 2023.¹

In early 2022, the Victorian Parliament voted to decriminalise sex work. On 1 March 2022,² the Sex Work Decriminalisation Act 2022 (Vic) officially became law, but some parts of the new law won’t apply until the bill’s second commencement date which is 1 December 2023.¹

Until 1 December 2023, existing strict criminal and council laws against incall bookings remain in place.³

Victoria Planning Provisions
Home based sex work becomes legal on 1 December 2023

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3. Section 23(1)(a)(i) of the Sex Work Act 1994 (Vic)

See definition of ‘home based business’ on page 981 in the Victoria Planning Provisions

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Last updated: 3 September 2022