Decriminalisation News 2018 − 2019

17 December 2019

Victorian sex workers and supporters mark Red Umbrella Day with a rally on the steps of the Victorian Parliament and a gathering to hear Fiona Patten and sex worker rights activist Cheryl Overs.  Red Umbrella Day is recognised globally each year to end violence against sex workers. 

2 December 2019

Occupational health and safety consultant Kevin Jones blogs about WorkSafe, the sex industry and what the 2020 sex work regulation inquiry should consider from a OH & S perspective. 

Read blog ‘Sex Work review includes many OHS matters’

30 November 2019

The Age newspaper publishes an editorial ‘High time to rethink sex worker laws’ in support of reviewing Victoria’s decades old laws. The article uses the terms ‘prostitute’ and ‘prostitution‘ alongside ‘sex work’ and ‘sex worker’.

Read the Age Editorial

27 November 2019

Victoria launches sex work inquiry, a move towards decriminalisation.

Read The Age online article. 

26 November 2019

Victorian crossbencher David Limbrick reads in a sex work decriminalisation motion in the Victorian Parliament. He refers to Labor’s 2018 Platform on sex work. The motion is scheduled to be debated in early 2020. 

Read media release on Twitter

26 November 2019

Northern Territory decriminalises sex work, becoming the third jurisdiction ever to do so. Sex Industry Bill 2019 (NT) receives 16 votes supporting decriminalisation and 5 votes against. 

20 November 2019

Northern Territory Parliament tables a Sex Work inquiryInquiry into the Sex Industry Bill 2019′. The report quotes from a number of key sex worker organisation submissions, including Sex Work Law Reform Victoria. 

Download the full report

12 November 2019

The South Australian parliament votes against sex work decriminalisation.  This marks the 13th unsuccessful attempt to decriminalise sex work in that sate. 

18 September 2019

Queensland Minister for Police, Hon Mark Ryan tables a new Bill (the ‘Police Powers and Responsibilities and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2019’) which seeks to expand police powers and police regulation of Queensland’s sex industry

18 September 2019

The Northern Territory Labor government tables a sex work decriminalisation bill, ‘The Sex Industry Bill 2019′.

Read Scarlet Alliance Press Release

27 August 2019

Upper House MP Andy Meddick (Animal Justice Party) delivers a speech referring to murdered Sydney woman Michaela Dunn and the need to decriminalise sex work in Victoria. Mr Meddick expresses his support for sex work decriminalisation, saying it provides safer working environments for sex workers.

Read Mr Meddick’s speech in Hansard (page 27)

26 August 2019

British poll finds that more Britons support sex work law reform than oppose it. Rights Info, a human rights new organisation, releases findings from new poll.

Read Rights Info Report

31 July 2019

South Australian Attorney General introduces sex work decriminalisation bill for second reading in the House of Assembly and criticises sex work licensing structures, such as the licensing structure in Victoria:

‘Finally, I turn to regulation and licensing. I do not believe that licensing structures have a place in any debate around the decriminalisation of sex work. This view is shared by current licensed jurisdictions like New Zealand, New South Wales and Queensland, which, I have been advised, are progressing towards full decriminalisation. South Australia has the opportunity to learn from the mistakes of other jurisdictions and progress with a fully decriminalised model, yet one which enshrines advertising restrictions, protections for vulnerable persons, exit assistance and police powers.’

Read the full speech in Hansard

31 July 2019

Alleged racial profiling and discrimination against sex workers alive and well in New South Wales. 

ABC News Article

2 July 2019

ABC News article about Queensland’s history of police corruption and entrapment. Queensland has a system of sex work licencing laws that, like Victoria, make sex workers less safe and more isolated. 

ABC News Article

21 June 2019

South Australian sex worker and academic Roxana Diamond writes about police corruption, her research and the details of the South Australian sex work decriminalisation bill

The Conversation Online Article

20 June 2019

South Australia’s Upper House passes sex work decriminalisation with minimal amendments

ABC News Article

10 June 2019

‘New York State in the USA reveals a sex work decriminalisation bill’

The New Republic Article

3 June 2019

‘Mexico City gives green light to decriminalise sex work.’

Reuters Article

2 April 2019

‘Northern Territory becomes latest jurisdiction to consider sex worker law reform’ ABC Radio show ‘PM’ 

30 March 2019

Northern Territory releases a Discussion Paper critical of Victoria’s sex work licensing laws and calls on the Northern Territory Attorney General to consider a form of sex work decriminalisation

Download NT’s Discussion Paper

28 March 2019

Prominent sex worker’s rights activists Dame Catherine Healy and Julie Bates AO visit the South Australian Parliament calling for sex work decriminalisation.

Read ABC News Story

23 March 2019

LGBTI organisations from across the world call for the decriminalisation of sex work

ILGA Statement

11 December 2018

The Victorian Electoral Commission confirmed that Reason Party candidate, Fiona Patten, retained her Upper House seat in the Victorian Parliament. Fiona Patten is a long term campaigner for sex workers’ rights.


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