Licensing Authority Change Improves Sex Workers' Privacy

In Victoria, self-employed sex workers must register with the Victorian government. The Business Licensing Authority (BLA) administers this registration system. Following our meeting in late 2020 with the newly appointed Director of Consumer Affairs, the BLA has publicly confirmed that it is now possible for the BLA to correspond with private sex workers via email instead of post. 

By law, the BLA must correspond with registered self-employed sex workers at least once a year in order to send Annual Statements1. By default, BLA’s systems send such notices out by post, not email. We’ve heard accounts of sex workers being compromised by family members or housemates seeing their mail from the BLA and in some even cases opening it – resulting in the sex worker being unwillingly outed.  

While it has been possible for sex workers to request Annual Statements to be sent via email, most sex workers were unaware of this. We identified a need for the BLA to publicly, via its website, make it clear to sex workers that annual statements can be emailed instead of posted.

If you are a sex worker registered with the BLA (ie you have an SWA number), you can request annual statements and other correspondence to be sent to you by email.

Business Licensing Authority Sex Work
Webpage from the Business Licensing Authority
  1. s24A of the Sex Work Act 1994 (Vic)

Last updated: 29 December, 2020