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Where do Victorian Political Parties Stand?

In the Victorian parliament, the following political parties take these respective stances on sex work law:

Labor Party (The Government)

According to the The Australian Labor Party’s Victorian Branch Platform 2018 Clause 5.2.2:

‘Victorian Labor is committed to strengthening human rights and equal opportunity for all Victorians. Labor will recommend that the Victorian Law Reform Commission consider decriminalisation of all sex work in Victoria as per other systems recognised internationally by human rights organisations.’¹

Daniel Andrews is the leader of the Labor Party and the Premier (Picture: AAP)


Liberal Party (The Opposition)

The Liberal Party of Australia (Victorian Division) does not hold a formal position on sex work. Despite the Nordic Model of sex work laws being unanimously opposed by all sex workers’ rights organisations in Australia, in 2018 the Liberal Party’s Victorian State Council passed a resolution to adopt the Nordic Model. Resolutions are NOT binding on the parliamentary party.

Michael O'Brien is the Leader of the Opposition


Victorian Greens

The Victorian Greens support the full decriminalisation of sex work. Their policy  states

Consensual adult sex work should be decriminalised.’

Samantha Ratnam is leader of the Victorian Greens


Reason Party (formerly the Australian Sex Party)

Support the full decriminalisation of sex work. Their policy states

Decriminalise sex-work, with best practice sex industry regulation’

Fiona Patten is with the Reason Party. She is a former sex worker.


Liberal Democrats

Support the full decriminalisation of sex work. Their policy  states

No criminalisation of sex-work involving adults.

David Limbrick represents the Liberal Democrats (Photo: David Limbrick)

David Limbrick expressed his views on sex work regulation while being interviewed on Australia’s only sex work radio show ‘Behind Closed Doors’. Hear two sex workers interview Mr Limbrick on the ‘Behind Closed Doors’ podcast page. 


Animal Justice Party

The party currently has no specific policy pertaining to sex work.

However, Animal Justice Party MP Andy Meddick personally supports sex workers’ rights and the full decriminalisation of consensual adult sex work. Mr Meddick says,

‘I am governed by our Party Values, the most key of which is compassion. It is this over – riding commitment to this value that drives my support for the fundamental rights of sex workers. Should appropriate sex work decriminalisation legislation come before Parliament, I would be voting in favour.’

Andy Meddick represents the Animal Justice Party (Photo: Victorian Parliament)


The Nationals

No policy pertaining to sex work.

Transport Matters Party

No policy pertaining to sex work.

Derren Hinch’s Justice Party

No policy pertaining to sex work.

Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party

No policy pertaining to sex work.

Sustainable Australia

No policy pertaining to sex work.

  1. Victorian Branch Australian Labor Party, Platform 2018, page 87, Platform 5.2.2

Last updated: 21 October 2019

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