Top 5 Myths About The Nordic Model

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The Myths

The Facts

Myth 1

It reduces human trafficking.

Fact 1

There is no evidence that the Nordic model reduces human trafficking.

Myth 2

It makes women safer in the sex industry.

Fact 2

Female sex workers in countries that have adopted this legislation overwhelmingly report feeling less safe.

Myth 3

It reduces demand for sexual services.

Fact 3

The Nordic model does not reduce demand for sexual services, instead the industry is driven underground.

Myth 4

It is the same thing as decriminalisation.

Fact 4

Clients and sex industry owner/managers are criminalised under Nordic Model laws.

Myth 5

It is widely supported by academics and feminists.

Fact 5

Only a minority of academics and some (radical) feminists support it.

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Last updated: 29 March 2020