Sex Work and the Law in the Media

31 July 2019

California legislates to protect sex workers from arrest if they report violence. 

Human Rights Campaign Article

31 July 2019

Alleged racial profiling and discrimination against sex workers alive and well in New South Wales. 

ABC News Article

11 July 2019

Tribunal orders disabled woman can spend NDIS funds on sexual services, but the judgement avoids the term ‘sex worker’. NDIS intends to appeal a decision it deeems ‘does not meet community expectations’.

ABC News Article

22 June 2019

What happened after Aussie sex workers were kicked off American websites? ABC technology reporter Ariel Bogle interviews Gala Vanting from Scarlet Alliance, Dean Lim from 3CR’s Behind Closed Doors, Estelle Lucas from Red Files and the team from Assembly Four

ABC News Article

BuzzFeed News article ‘This Sex Worker Who Was Sexually Assaulted Didn’t Think She Would Be Believed. Now Her Client Is Going To Jail’

Published 30 May 2019

ABC Article ‘What sex industry workers think of One Nation’s Steve Dickson ‘strip club scandal’

Published 1 May 2019

Weekly Sex Work Radio Show ‘Behind Closed Doors‘ 

Airs Thursdays at 6pm on Melbourne Radio station 3CR (855AM)

Stream on the Behind Closed Doors website. Hosted by three sex workers, the show covers all aspects of the sex industry including a segment about the law. 

ABC Article “Aussie sex workers hope legislative tide is turning in their favour”

Published 3 April 2019

SBS TV Documentary ‘Original Sin: Sex’

Screened 11 January 2019

Chock full of quirky, provocative archival footage, and with insights from top academics like biological anthropologist Helen Fisher as well as standout celebrities from Andy Cohen to Margaret Cho, and Ann Coulter to Dr. Ruth Westheimer, this episode takes us on a rapid-fire survey of the technologies that have revolutionized our relationship to sex.

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