The Law: A Guide for Sex Workers

Sex work laws are different in each Australian state. In Victoria the laws differ according to the type of sex work you do.

You are a private sex worker if you’re self-employed, arrange your own advertising, meet your clients indoors and keep all of the money they pay you. You don’t have a boss and don’t give anyone else a ‘cut’ of your earnings.

for private workers outcall bookings are legal while incall bookings are not

You are a brothel worker if you work in a licensed brothel. You meet and provide a sexual service to your clients in the brothel, and the brothel takes a ‘cut’ of the money you earn. For a list of licensed brothels in Victoria, see this link.

it's illegal to work for an unlicensed brothel

You are an escort agency worker if you work for a licensed escort agency. Clients contact the agency directly then the agency sends you to the client’s home or hotel. The escort agency takes a ‘cut’ of the money you earn. For a list of licensed escort agencies in Victoria, see this link.

there are 22 licensed escort agencies in Victoria

You are a street-based sex worker if you meet your clients in a public place (outdoors).

decriminalisation makes street-based sex work legal


Last updated: 12 May 2019