Street-Based Sex Work Laws

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Street-Based Sex Work

You are a street-based sex worker if you meet your clients in a public place (outdoors).

Key Point

In the ‘Law’ column below, SWA refers to the Sex Work Act 1994 (Vic).

In the ‘Penalty’ column below, there are a range of penalties that can be imposed depending on whether you have committed the offence before.

Street-Based Sex Work – What’s Legal?




You can’t meet or talk to clients about prices or services in a public place

Up to 1-6 months’ jail;

Up to $908.70 – $4543.50 fine

(up to 5-25 penalty units)

s 13(2) of SWA

You can’t meet or talk to clients about prices or services in a church or other place of worship, a hospital, a school or other children service, a public place where children regularly go (like a playground)

Up to 1-6 months’ jail;

Up to $1,817.40 – $10,904.40 fine

(up to 10-60 penalty units)

s13(1) of SWA

SWA = Sex Work Act 1994 (Vic)

Fines updated annually on 1 July

Between 1 July 2021 and 30 June 2022 one penalty unit = $181.74

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