Who We Are

We are an independent non-partisan group of volunteers lobbying for the full decriminalisation of consenting adult sex work in the Australian state of Victoria.

Why Do the Laws Need to be Changed?

We believe all workers deserve a safe and healthy work environment.

Victoria’s current sex work laws have a negative impact on the health and safety of sex workers. Evidence shows that the full decriminalisation of sex work  is the best way to protect their wellbeing.

What We Do

Sex Work Law Reform Victoria advocates for:

We recognise that sex work is work and that criminal laws should not be applied to activities conducted between consenting adults.


We oppose the set of sex work laws known as the Nordic Model (Swedish Model) . The Nordic Model  criminalises all clients of all sex workers. It also criminalises other third parties associated with sex workers, such as landlords, family members, personal drivers and brothel staff.

Q: Isn’t sex work already decriminalised in Victoria?

A: No. Victoria has a licensing model of sex work laws, which differs significantly from the decriminalised model of sex work legislation. 

Q: Isn’t sex work already legalised in Victoria?

A: Yes and no. The existing Victorian laws are overly complex and in practice criminalise many sex workers.

Q: What about human trafficking in the sex industry?

A: Sex work and human trafficking are entirely different. We condemn any form of human trafficking. Australia has in place powerful laws that criminalise human trafficking in all industries, including the sex industry. We don’t propose to change these anti-trafficking laws.

Q: Does decriminalisation allow human trafficking?

A: No. Human trafficking remains a criminal offence.

Q: Doesn’t decriminalising sex work lead to more human trafficking?

A: Not at all. Where sex work is mostly decriminalised, in New South Wales and in New Zealand, evidence shows no increase in human trafficking in the sex industry.

Q: Do we support the Nordic Model (Swedish Model) of criminalising sex work clients?

A: No. The Nordic Model (Swedish Model) of sex work is favoured by some anti-sex work activists and applies blanket criminal penalties to all clients of all sex workers. We view sex work as work and support Amnesty International’s view that full decriminalisation of sex work is the best way to prevent violence against sex workers. Sex workers across Australia strongly endorse full decriminalisation and report that it creates safer and healthier working conditions for sex workers.

Q: Are we mainly focused on reforming street sex work laws?

A: No. We advocate removing criminal penalties for all types of consensual adult sex work in Victoria. This includes brothels, massage parlours, escort agencies, private sex work and street sex work.

Last updated: 18 March 2019