Allies of sex workers are people who support the human and working rights of sex workers and recognise what they do as work.

sex workers are the most important stakeholders (Unsplash: Jeffrey Wegrzyn)

"Sex workers should be included in the creation of policies that directly affect them."

Industry Stakeholders

Stakeholders are groups of people or organisations who work with sex workers and the sex industry in some capacity. 

Industry stakeholders include the following:

  • sex workers in all sectors of the industry
  • strippers
  • community health sector
  • community legal sector
  • Consumer Affairs Victoria
  • health and medical organisations
  • local government
  • police
  • political parties
  • workers’ rights organisations
  • sex industry owners and managers
local governments are key stakeholders (Unsplash: Helloquence)

Sex Work Law Reform Victoria appreciates the support of our allies and stakeholders, and recognises the need to work with a variety of relevant groups and organisations.

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Last updated: 14 June 2021