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In order for Victorian bills to pass into law, they must receive a majority of votes in both houses of the Victorian Parliament. So, does the Victorian Government have the numbers to pass the Sex Work Decriminalisation Bill 2021 (Vic)?

After passing the Lower House of the Victorian Parliament, it appears there is enough support to obtain a majority vote in the Upper House on 10 February 2022. 

Conscience Vote?

There will not be a conscience vote. Members must vote according to their party’s position on the bill. 

The Upper House (Legislative Council)

The Victorian Government does not have a majority in the Upper House and will need the support of crossbenchers or opposition members to pass bills. A number of members of the Upper House are away for various reasons. 

All of the Labor members in the Upper House will vote to support the bill. The crossbenchers who are likely to support the bill (based on their previous support for sex workers’ rights) are:

  1. Fiona Patten (Reason Party)
  2. Andy Meddick (Animal Justice Party)
  3. Samantha Ratnam (Victorian Greens)
  4. David Limbrick and Tim Quilty (Liberal Democrats)

The opposition (the Victorian Liberal Party) has indicated they will vote against the bill.

Read Sex Work Decriminalisation Bill 2021 (Vic)

To read about the events leading to decriminalisation since 2010, please read our Sex Work Review Blog.

What Has Sex Work Law Reform Victoria been Doing?

 In 2018 and 2019 we lobbied members of parliament, government agencies, police, and others,  calling for Victoria’s sex work laws to be reviewed. In 2020 we partnered with the Michael Kirby Centre at Monash University to conduct a sex worker consultation as part of the 2020 Fiona Patten Review into sex work. We made two submissions to the 2020 Review. In 2021, we made a submission to the August 2021 sex work consultation about sex work and local government laws. Along with seven other sex worker support groups, we also met with the Department of Justice and Community Safety on 23 August 2021 for an additional consultation.

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Last updated: 10 February, 2022