How to Register to Vote

Note: The page below has been archived and will no longer be updated. In the months leading up to Victoria’s state election on 26 November 2022, this page was updated and maintained to assist voters to understand how to register to vote and cast their ballot.

Sex workers’ rights are human rights, and here in Victoria, some political parties have a stronger track record on supporting sex workers than others. 

The Victorian state election will be on 26 November 2022. You must be registered to vote no later than 8pm on 8 November 2022 in order to vote. 

According to the Victorian Electoral Commission website, you must be enrolled to vote and it’s best to check that your registered address and other details are up to date with the Victorian Electoral Commission.

Who is Eligible to Vote?

Australian citizens aged over 18, and have lived at your address for at least one month

Source: VEC 

When is the Deadline for Enrolling to Vote?

8pm on the 8 November 2022.

Source: VEC

I’m Not Enrolled to Vote

Enrol to vote here on the AEC webpage.

Am I Enrolled to Vote?

Check Your Enrolment on the VEC website.

How Can I Vote?

According to the VEC websiteyou can:

  • vote in-person at an early voting centre (between Monday 14 November and Friday 25 November)
  • vote in-person on election day (Saturday 26 November 2022)
  • apply to vote by post (for this election only).

Which Political Parties Support Sex Workers’ Rights?

Find out on our election guide where we rate every political party according to their performance on sex workers’ rights.

Sex Work Law Reform Victoria’s Election Guide

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