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16 October 2019

Sex Work Law Reform Victoria makes a submission to the 2019 Northern Territory Economic Policy Scrutiny Committee in relation to the Sex Industry Bill 2019 (NT). We recommended amendments to make the Bill in line with the principles of the full decriminalisation of sex work

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29 September 2019

 Film students at Deakin University in association with SWLRV release a six minute  documentary, ‘Men at Work’, about male Sex Work in Melbourne.   The film tells the story of a young and determined male escort.  For more information about this film, see the ‘Men at Work’ FaceBook page.

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26 September 2019

Sex Work Law Reform Victoria delivers a speech and facilitates a Q and A panel with five sex workers for the Victorian Humanists. Details on the Victorian Humanist FaceBook page

Victorian Humanists Website

September 2019

In response to media/social media reports that NAB discriminated against a sex worker, we met with NAB officials seeking clarification on their policy towards the sex industry. This resulted in a public statement from NAB:

“We absolutely do provide banking services to sex workers as individuals and have no plans to change this policy.

“However, NAB no longer banks brothels and escort agencies due to different laws and licencing requirements across states and territories. This is a risk based decision we have made to ensure we meet legislative requirements under the anti-money laundering and modern slavery laws.

“We encourage customers who work in the sex industry to contact us for more information."

21 August 2019

Sex Work Law Reform Victoria becomes an incorporated association and not for profit organisation. 

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31 July 2019

Sex Work Law Reform Victoria makes a submission to the 2019 Victorian Economy and Infrastructure Committee as part of the Committee’s inquiry into the social and economic benefits of seeking to place disadvantaged jobseekers into sustainable employment.

Sex Work Law Reform Victoria’s Submission (see submission #38)

29 June 2019

Sex Work Law Reform Victoria met with Andy Meddick from the Animal Justice Party, a party in the Upper House of the Victorian Parliament. As a result of our meeting, Andy Meddick made public his individual views on sex work,

‘I am governed by our Party Values, the most key of which is compassion. It is this over – riding commitment to this value that drives my support for the fundamental rights of sex workers. Should appropriate sex work decriminalisation legislation come before Parliament, I would be voting in favour.’

15 June 2019  article ‘Kate Iselin: Inside the life of a 54-year-old street-based sex worker‘ by Kate Iselin quotes us in an exploration of street-based sex work and policing. 

27 April 2019 article ‘Brothels on your street? How sex work decriminalisation would affect you’ by Kate Iselin quotes us in a discussion about sex work decriminalisation

February 2019

Sex Work Law Reform Victoria met with David Limbrick from the Liberal Democrats, a party in the Upper House of the Victorian Parliament. As a result of our meeting, the Liberal Democrats updated their policy on sex work so that it now reads,

‘No criminalisation of sex-work involving adults.’

4 December 2018

Sex Work Law Reform Victoria hosted a sex industry Meet and Greet. Representatives from nine sex worker community organisations met to discuss new strategies to support sex workers and sex workers’ rights. All participants support the decriminalisation of sex work in Victoria.

December 2018

Workplace Safety Blog refers to Sex Work Law Reform Victoria

Safety at Work Blog Website

21 November 2018

Melbourne community radio show 3CR interviewed us about the 2018 Victorian election and the decriminalisation of sex work. Go to the 30 minute mark of the audio clip at the 3CR’s website.


Last Updated: 16 October 2019

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