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15 October 2021

Radio interview about Victoria’s new sex work decriminalisation bill 

James McKenzie from ‘In Ya Race’ on community radio station 3CR chats about the Sex Work Decriminalisation Bill 2021 (Vic) and what it means for sex workers. Listen to podcast. 

12 October 2021

Sex workers, adult shops and gun businesses say they are being denied banking services

Sex Work Law Reform Victoria is quoted in an ABC article by Rhiana Whitson about financial discrimination against the sex industry and firearms dealers.

Read ABC Article: Sex workers, adult shops and gun businesses say they are being denied banking services

October 2021

We publish an opinion piece in local publication ‘Eastsider News’

Sex Work Law Reform Victoria publishes an opinion piece about sex work in the suburbs and what the decriminalisation of sex work will mean for residents in the City of Boroondara. We argue that residents have nothing to fear as the experience in New South Wales shows no increase in amenity impact from sex work following decriminalisation.

Read opinion piece: Is decriminalisation of sex work a problem for the City of Boroondara? (scroll to page 7)

Watch ABC iView 3 minute piece

23 September 2021

Crikey.com.au Covers Banking Discrimination Against the Sex Industry

Crisis management consultant Tony Jaques writes an opinion piece pointing out the irony of the banks taking a moral high ground by banning sex industry businesses. He also looks at how the Banking Code Review looks like being a missed opportunity to finally address the ongoing problem of banking discrimination against small businesses. 

Crikey.com.au website: Australia’s banks are the guardians of moral society. Yep, we kid you not (behind paywall)

Read full article

7 September 2021

Monash University Student Newspaper Covers Sex Work

Journalist SOHANI GOONETILLAKE from Mojo news (Monash University student publication) interview key sex workers’ rights advocates about how Victoria came to decriminalise sex work and what it all means for sex workers. Quote from SWLRV spokesperson, ‘Sensitivity training and education of the government bodies regulating this industry needs to occur so that they are aware of how to appropriately treat and engage with sex workers.’

Blow jobs are real jobs: sex workers speak out amid political change

6 April 2021

ABC’s Radio National reports on Victoria’s move to fully decriminalise sex work

Australia’s national broadcaster, the ABC, reports on the Victoria move to decriminalise sex work. Comparing the regulation of 19th Victorian brothels to the situation today, Radio National’s ‘The Law Report’ interview historians, legal experts, a sex worker and a critic of the sex industry. The program identifies Sex Work Law Reform Victoria as a key advocacy organisation pushing to decriminalise sex work. Cheryl Overs is interviewed.

Listen to podcast Full Decriminalisation of Sex Work on the Cards in Victoria

2 March 2021

The Guardian Australia covers new law that seeks to crack down on online porn

Australian Politics journalist Josh Taylor from The Guardian Australia publishes an article, Fears online safety law could censor all adult content and force sex workers off internet about the Online Safety Bill 2021 which seeks to protect Australians online by cracking down on cyberbulling and harmful content online. However, the bill also targets online pornography between consenting adults. SWLRV is quoted “[the bill will[ effectively censor adult online content that could potentially have unintended consequences for the sex industry and porn industries and have a devastating impact on the ability of sex workers to earn a legitimate income”

Read Fears online safety law could censor all adult content and force sex workers off internet

17 November 2020

SWLRV Committee member publishes personal anecdote in Great Sex Worker Writings

Sex Work Law Reform Victoria committee member Claire Stellar publishes a piece in Great Sex Worker Writings, a new digital publication of works by sex workers. Claire’s piece, Peep Show Mayhem, talks about her experiences in various forms of sex work, including peep show performances.

Read “Peep Show Mayhem

Great Sex Worker Writings website

15 October 2020

Fiona Patten, MP provides Sex Work Review update in radio interview

Fiona Patten, MP from the Reason Party appears alongside Lisa from Sex Work Law Reform Victoria, on Australia’s only sex work radio show, Behind Closed Doors. The two guests discuss which desired reforms were raised by sex workers, how Victoria’s Sex Work Review is progressing, and what to expect in 2021.

Listen on Apple Podcasts: Fiona Patten: Victoria’s Sex Work Review update

Stream on website: Fiona Patten: Victoria’s Sex Work Review update

15 October 2020

Australian Financial Review covers NAB and sex industry discrimination

Banking journalist James Frost from The Australian Financial Review publishes an article, NAB’s Sex Industry Woes about the bank’s policy of refusing to provide financial services to legal sex industry businesses across Australia. SWLRV is quoted “Banks should be able to manage their risk without discriminating by taking the trouble to assess each applicant on their individual merits and risk profile rather than just taking a broad brush to an entire industry.”

Read “NAB’s Sex Industry Woes (content behind a paywall)

Our webpage about banking discrimination

17 August 2020

LGBTIQ publication The Star Observer publishes an article about coronavirus and sex work, highlighting the need for the Victorian Government to communicate more clearly what coronavirus restrictions mean for the sex industry. The article quotes from SWLRV and sex worker rights’ activist Cheryl Overs.


5 August 2020

Journalist Amber Shultz publishes article about rape law reform, sex work and whether non payment of sex work service fees constitutes rape. Lisa from Sex Work Law Reform Victoria provides comment. 

Read Crikey.com.au article “No payment, no consent: sex worker advocacy groups say fraud and rape is on the rise”

20 May 2020

"It’s sex discrimination: banks strip brothels and escort agencies of their rights". Amber Shultz from Crikey.com.au reports on the extent of financial discrimination against the sex industry and the surprising way in which the financial services industries so open about the discrimination. 

Read article

27 March 2020

" ‘I’m clean and safe’: Brothels close but sex workers still ply trade". Farrah Tomazin from The Age writes about how Victorian sex work laws and coronavirus restrictions intersect to permit many sex workers to continue to operate during a pandemic. Sex Work Law Reform Victoria is quoted.

Read article

11 December 2019

Crikey.com.au quotes Sex Work Law Reform Victoria in article titled, "Sex workers are facing financial discrimination from our biggest institutions"

Read article on the Crikey.com.au website

6 December 2019

Australia’s only sex work radio show, Behind Closed Doors wins Best New Show at Melbourne community radio station 3CR. Sex Work Law Reform Victoria  provided support and information for some episodes. Behind Closed Doors explores all aspects of sex work and interviews a diverse range of sex workers every Thursday night.

Listen to Fiona Patten interviewed on ‘Behind Closed Doors’ discussing Victoria’s upcoming 2020 sex work inquiry

30 November 2019

The Age quotes Sex Work Law Reform Victoria in article titled, ”Off the streets and on the net’: solicitation charges dwindle as sex workers shift online’

Read article on The Age website

27 November 2019

The Australian Associated Press article quotes Sex Work Law Reform Victoria in article titled, ‘Vic could fully decriminalise sex work’

Read article on Yahoo website

27 November 2019

Sex Work Law Reform Victoria quoted in The Age article ‘Sex workers are sick of rapes, assaults and want protection’

Read article on the Age website

29 September 2019

Film students at Deakin University in association with SWLRV release a six minute  documentary, ‘Men at Work’, about male Sex Work in Melbourne. The film tells the story of a young and determined male escort.  For more information about this film, see the ‘Men at Work’ FaceBook page.

View ‘Men at Work’ on Youtube below.

15 June 2019

News.com.au  article ‘Kate Iselin: Inside the life of a 54-year-old street-based sex worker‘ by Kate Iselin quotes us in an exploration of street-based sex work and policing. 

27 April 2019

News.com.au article ‘Brothels on your street? How sex work decriminalisation would affect you’ by Kate Iselin quotes us in a discussion about sex work decriminalisation

December 2018

Workplace Safety Blog refers to Sex Work Law Reform Victoria

Safety at Work Blog Website

21 November 2018

Melbourne community radio show 3CR interviewed us about the 2018 Victorian election and the decriminalisation of sex work. Go to the 30 minute mark of the audio clip at the 3CR’s website.

Safety at Work Blog Website

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