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Victoria’s last extensive review of sex work laws was in 1985: why a Review now?

SWLRV traces the events of 2021 back to their origins, over a decade ago in 2009.

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29 October 2021: Leaving the Nightclub

For around two weeks, four Upper House MP’s have been ...
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27 October 2021: The Politics of Distraction

The coronavirus pandemic has loomed large over the campaign to ...
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19 October 2021: 4 MP’s Suspended

Four MP’s in Victoria’s Upper House were just suspended for ...
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15 October 2021: Suspended from Voting

Will Victoria’s sex work decriminalisation pass into law if key ...
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13 October 2021: We Have a Bill

Yesterday, 12 October 2021, the Minister for Consumer Affairs, Melissa ...
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13 September 2021: This is Morality Politics

Morality policies occur….. “(...) if policies are explicitly ideological, a ...
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Liberal Party Leadership Spill

8 September 2021: Liberals Take Back Matthew Guy

Yesterday, 7 September 2021, the Victorian Liberal Party removed Michael ...
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27 August 2021: Is this a Rushed Process?

Today, 27 August 2021, submissions to the new Department of ...
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13 August 2021: It’s Happening

Today a Victorian Government press release announced the state would decriminalise ...
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Coalition of Independent Women

5 December 2020: The Coalition of Independent Women

Fiona Patten and independent MP Ali Cupper have just announced ...
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Melissa Horne, sex work decriminalisation

16 October 2020: Review now in Minister’s Hands

Melissa Horne takes over from Fiona Patten in a new ...
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Review to make recommendations for the decriminalisation of sex work

14 October 2020: Fiona Patten’s Deadline

Today marks Fiona Patten’s deadline – the date by which ...
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30 September 2020: A Ministerial Reshuffle Raises the Question: What is Sex Work?

Martin Foley is appointed Minister for Health following the resignation ...
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Fiona Patten Crossbench Victorian Parliament

27 August 2020: Crossbench Flexes Its Muscles

The crossbenchers in the Upper House have flexed their muscles, ...
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Marcus Bastiaan resigns, branch stacking

24 August 2020: Conservative powerbroker resigns

Today Liberal Party powerbroker Marcus Bastiaan resigned from the party ...
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6 August 2020: The Domino Effect

What is the domino effect and how does that relate ...
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Restrictions sex work

24 July 2020: Social Distancing and Sex Work

How to have a sex work booking AND practise social ...
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7 July 2020: Does the law offer solutions?

Do criminal laws offer the best method of preventing violence ...
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1 July, 2020: Welcoming the new Minister for Consumer Affairs

Whenever there’s a problem with sex industry regulation, the most ...
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30 June 2020: Reflecting on Marlene Kairouz

In Victoria, the Minister for Consumer Affairs is responsible for ...
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30 June 2020: Successful Chat with Community

Sex Workers’ Voices Victoria is a pop-up project led by ...
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21 June 2020: It’s Complicated

Sex Work Has Been Decriminalised in New Zealand since 2003, ...
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16 June 2020: Marlene Kairouz Resigns

Today Marlene Kairouz resigned as Minister for Consumer Affairs. Ms ...
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15 June 2020: Adem Somyurek Sacked

Victoria’s Minister for Local Government is sacked from Cabinet by ...
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3 June 2020: A Healthy Dose of Self-Criticism?

Sex workers often point to the police and the government ...
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2 June 2020: Coronavirus and the Review

By now we’re all familiar with how coronavirus has impacted ...
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1 June 2020: The issue of Discrimination

Will Fiona Patten consider the issue of discrimination against sex ...
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26 April 2020: 35 Years After Marcia Neave’s Inquiry

Recently we heard someone describe Fiona Patten’s Sex Work Review ...
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prostitution client client of sex workers businessman

24 April 2020: Will we hear from clients?

Who will make submissions to Fiona Patten’s Sex Work Review? ...
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6 March 2020: Street-Based Sex Workers Consultation

Had a great chat to a group of seven street-based ...
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4 March 2020: City of Port Phillip Supports Decrim

SWLRV attended a City of Port Phillip council meeting on ...
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16 February 2020: Sex Work Review Website Launch

The Victorian Government launches a Sex Work Review website. The ...
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Northern Metropolitan Region Fiona Patten Sex Work Review

5 December 2019: Fiona Patten Joins us on the Radio

Australia's only sex work radio show, Behind Closed Doors, on ...
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27 November 2019: Labor Announces Sex Work Review

Hours after The Age publishes an article on sex work ...
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27 November 2019: Further Pressure as Media Covers Issue of Violence

Investigative journalist with The Age, Farrah Tomazin, publishes an article, ...
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26 November 2019: Victory in Northern Territory and Crossbencher Ramps Up Pressure

Northern Territory Decriminalises Sex Work Media announces a huge win ...
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November 2019: Northern Territory Releases Sex Work Report

The Northern Territory releases a report, "Inquiry into the Sex ...
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18 November 2019: Journalist Meets Sex Workers

The Age senior journalist and investigative reporter Farrah Tomazin meets ...
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November 2019: Four Dozen MPs = ?

Exhausting! Between November 2018 and November 2019, we ran around ...
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17 October 2019: Sex Workers Interview David Limbrick MP On Radio

The  team of sex workers at Behind Closed Doors, a ...
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20 June 2019: Australian Conservatives Party Deregisters

After just over two years, the Australian Conservatives party deregisters, ...
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18 May 2019: Coalition Shock Win in Federal Election

The Coalition is re-elected at the federal level, shocking many ...
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April 2019: Sex Work Radio Launches in Melbourne

A group of three vivacious Melbourne sex workers team up ...
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March 2019: Northern Territory Releases Discussion Paper

The Northern Territory government publishes a Discussion Paper "Reforming Regulation ...
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11 December 2018: Fiona Patten Retains her Seat

After a nervous two week wait, Fiona Patten wins back ...
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26 November 2018: Government Offers Fiona Patten a Job

With election results still being finalised, it becomes clear Fiona ...
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Daniel Andrews Danslide Victorian Premier Election Win

24 November 2018: Victorian Election Result

Labor's Landslide The left leaning Victorian Labor Party wins the ...
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October 2018: We Launch Our Website

After talking and planning for months, we finally launch our ...
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October 2018: Victorian Election Campaign 2018

Labor's Campaign Labor campaigns in the looming 2018 Victorian election, ...
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24 August 2018: Scott Morrison Becomes Prime Minister

In the Australian Federal Parliament, conservative MP Scott Morrison wins ...
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25 July 2018: Labor Reveals Sex Work Platform

Labor reveals its Platform 2018, which outlines its priorities and goals for ...
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January 2018: The Reason Party Forms

In 2009 Fiona Patten founded the Australian Sex Party. Eight ...
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February 2017: Formation of the Australian Conservatives Party

At the federal level, former Liberal Party MP, Cory Bernadi ...
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November 2014: 2014 Election Result

Labor Wins Government The left leaning Victorian Labor party wins ...
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2009: Australian Sex Party Forms

Former sex worker and sex industry lobbyist Fiona Patten announces ...
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