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“Policies can only work when you have the information from the community itself. That’s why so many interventions fail. It sounds like a good idea but when you put it into practice, it does not work.”

New Zealand academic, 2016 ³

Fiona Patten, Northern Metropolitan Region (Reason Party)

Fiona Patten is a former sex worker who publicly supports the decriminalisation of sex work. She is one of the key crossbenchers in the Upper House and has already persuaded the government to pass progressive legislation.  On 27 November 2019 the Victorian government announced Fiona Patten would head an inquiry into the laws around sex work. The six month inquiry is scheduled to commence in early 2020.

Northern Metropolitan Region Fiona Patten Sex Work Review
Fiona Patten being interviewed alongside Lisa from Sex Work Law Reform Victoria

Fiona Patten and Lisa from Sex Work Law Reform Victoria were interviewed on Australia’s only sex work radio show, Behind Closed Doors to provide an update on Victoria’s 2020 sex work Review.

Interview broadcast 15 October 2020.


Melissa Horne, Member for Williamstown and Minister for Consumer Affairs

On 22 June, 2020, the Victorian Premier announced that Melissa Horne MP would be the new Minister for Consumer Affairs. In taking on this portfolio, Ms Horne is replacing resigned minister Marlene Kairouz . The portfolio is responsible for licensing sex industry businesses and registering individual sex workers. On Fiona Patten’s review of sex work regulation, the former Minister for Consumer Affairs, Marlene Kairouz said,

“Fiona will make recommendations to the government, we will then consider all of the recommendations that Fiona makes to government and proceed to introduce legislation.” 1

Ms Horne’s electorate of Williamstown is in Melbourne’s south west. Williamstown is home to a number of licensed brothels. Ms Horne was elected to the Victorian Parliament in 2018. Her previous Ministerial experience relates to public transport.

Consumer Affairs Victoria Business Licensing Authority
Consumer Affairs Victoria is responsible for regulating a wide range of businesses, including sex industry businesses.


Mary-Anne Thomas, Member for Macedon and Minister for Health (Labor Party)  

Mary-Anne Thomas holds the Lower House seat of Macedon, in regional Victorian district north west of Melbourne. Mary-Anne Thomas became Minister in June 2022, taking over from the former Minister, Martin Foley. She has been in Parliament since 2014.

Victorian Minister for Health
Mary-Anne Thomas is Victoria's Minister for Health


David Limbrick, South Eastern Metropolitan Region (Liberal Democrats Party)

David Limbrick was elected to the Victorian Parliament in 2018, with a commitment to uphold the principles of individual liberty. Such principles oppose government interference in the sex lives of consenting adults – including adult sex workers. As such, Mr Limbrick and his libertarian party support the full decriminalisation of sex work. A former financial services industry worker, Mr Limbrick has also taken an interest in calling out the financial discrimination that sex workers experience on the part of the banks. On the 26 November 2019 Mr Limbrick introduced a sex work decriminalisation motion into the Upper House. The following day the Victorian government announced that a sex work review would commence in 2020.

David Limbrick, libertarian, Liberal Democrats
David Limbrick is with the Liberal Democrats (Supplied: Liberal Democrats)

In 2019, Mr Limbrick was interviewed by two sex workers on Australia’s only sex work radio show, ‘Behind Closed Doors’. He discussed the principles of libertarianism, sex work, nudity, financial discrimination, and more. In February 2022, David Limbrick helped to decriminalise sex work in Victoria by voting ‘yes’ for the Sex Work Decriminalisation Bill 2021 (Vic).


Daniel Andrews, Member for Mulgrave (Labor Party)

Daniel Andrews is Premier of Victoria and so has the most influence over which issues his government addresses. His seat of Mulgrave is in Melbourne’s south eastern suburbs. Upon winning the 2018 state election by a landslide (nicknamed the ‘Danslide’), the Premier declared his government the

“most progressive Government in the nation”.

Daniel Andrews Danslide Victorian Premier Election Win
Daniel Andrews celebrates the 2018 election victory

Attorney General Jacyln Symes, Member for Northern Victoria (Labor Party)

Jaclyn Symes is the newly appointed Attorney General, a role key to changing Victorian legislation. Ms Symes replaced outgoing Attorney General, Jill Hennessy on 22 December, 2020. With the strong backing of the Northern Territory Attorney General Natasha Fyles, in November 2019 the Northern Territory decriminalised sex work2 .

Jaclyn Symes electorate of Northern Victoria encompasses the regional towns of Bendigo, Shepparton and Mildura. 

Jacyln Symes Victorian Attorney General
Jaclyn Symes was appointed Attorney General on 22 December, 2020.
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  2. Paul Gregoire, NT sex workers finally have decriminalisation: An interview with SWOP NT coordinator Leanne Melling (12 December 2019) Sydney Criminal Lawyers 


3. Rottier, J., Decriminalization of Sex Work: The New Zealand Model An Analysis of the Integrative Sex Industry Policy in New Zealand (PhD, Utrecht University, 2018) 86

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