Top 5 Myths About Decriminalisation

The Myths

The Facts

Myth 1

Decriminalisation will increase the size of the sex industry and increase demand.

Fact 1

New Zealand decriminalised sex work in 2003 and there is no evidence of an increase in the size of the industry.¹  ²

Myth 2

Decriminalisation will result in more human trafficking.

Fact 2

No evidence from New Zealand, or from New South Wales, which decriminalised sex work in 1995, indicates any increase in human trafficking.³

Myth 3

Decriminalisation will completely deregulate the sex industry, facilitating criminal involvement.

Fact 3

Decriminalisation does NOT mean complete deregulation of the sex industry. Existing business, council and tax laws would regulate the sex industry like any other.

Myth 4

Brothels will proliferate in every suburb and pop up near schools.

Fact 4

Councils would continue to approve the location of brothels.

Myth 5

Police will be locked out of brothels.

Fact 5

Police powers dealing with crime currently apply to all industries, and the sex industry would be no exception.


Last updated: 13 June 2019

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