Top 5 Myths About Victoria’s Licensing Model

The Myths

The Facts

Myth 1

Sex work is already decriminalised in Victoria.

Fact 1

Victoria’s licensing model does not decriminalise sex work.¹

Myth 2

It helps prevent the spread of sexually transmissible infections and HIV.

Fact 2

Licensing models of sex work do not combat the spread of STI’s and HIV, they inhibit measures designed to do so.²

Myth 3

    Only street-based sex work is against          the law.

Fact 3

All four sectors of the sex industry are criminalised to varying degrees.³

Myth 4

Licensing/legalisation of sex work is the same as decriminalisation.

Fact 4

Legalisation of sex work is very different from decriminalisation.³

Myth 5

Victoria’s sex workers operate within the law as the industry is legalised.

Fact 5

The current system means most sex workers are working outside the law.³


Last updated: 13 June 2019

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