Mission and Purpose

Mission Statement

‘Advocating for equality before the law for all sex workers in Victoria.’



Sex Work Law Reform Victoria is an incorporated association. Rule 3 of our constitution states our purposes, which are:

  1. to network and work constructively with key stakeholders in the debate for sex work decriminalisation with the goal of achieving the full decriminalisation of sex work and equal recognition of sex workers under the law in Victoria;
  2. to provide quality, user-friendly sex industry law reform information to the general public via a website in a range of languages;
  3. to provide a range of resources that will increase awareness of the legal rights and responsibilities of sex workers in Victoria;
  4. to lobby for legislation, regulations, rules, policies and law enforcement practices which do not discriminate against sex workers in Victoria;
  5. to collaborate with organisations, institutions or other relevant bodies to promote community awareness of sex industry legal issues;
  6. to facilitate and support ethical research into sex workers and the sex industry;
  7. to develop and maintain a well organised, sex worker-led, autonomous organisation.

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Last updated: 16 May 2020