Register of Self-Employed Sex Workers (Private Worker Register)

The Private Worker Register lists details of self-employed sex workers (private workers) who have obtained a SWA number (sex work registration number). It is a criminal offence to engage in self-employed sex work without being on the Private Worker Register. The Private Worker Register lists the working name, all current and former legal names, date of birth, residential address, all business names under which the sex work business will operate under, ABNand sex of each sex worker. The Register is administered by Consumer Affairs Victoria and is accessible by Victoria Police. It is not made available to the public. This means that employers, either within or outside the sex industry, are not able to access this Register.

Sex workers who work solely for an escort agency are not required to have a SWA number, however, as they are considered self-employed for tax purposes, like private workers they must obtain an ABN in order to engage in sex work.  See ss24-24A of the Sex Work Act 1994 (Vic) and pt 4 of the Sex Work Regulations 2016 (Vic) for more information.

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